Plywood for laser cutting


A wood-based board composed of glued plies of wood (outer and middle veneers), whereat the directions of fibre of adjacent plies are staggered by 90°, and all plies (outer and middle veneers) are made of birch. Plywood with highly improved build quality, without any openings of veneers, splits, black and loose knots, knot holes both on the surface and in the core of the material. Plywood for laser cutting is produced as moisture resistant plywood, based on urea-formaldehyde resin, for use in dry conditions (according to PN-EN 636), meeting the requirements of 1 gluing class quality according to PN-EN 314-2.

Basic data

Types of surface finishing:

  • plywood with raw surface
  • plywood covered with hardened urea-formaldehyde resin

Standard sizes:
2500×1250 mm,
2440×1250 mm,
2130×1250 mm,
2250×1530 mm (up to 15mm thickness)

Thickness range:
12mm – 35 mm

680-740 kg/m3


Karta katalogowa

Additional information

  • cutting to smaller sizes
  • straight and profiled finishing of the edges, drilling, milling of grooves, slots, rabbets – in CNC centres


Plywood for laser cutting is mainly used by the manufacturers of die boards (cut by laser beam) for automatic production of cardboard packaging. It is also used everywhere laser beam is used for cutting out elements or patterns.